In 1874, the Queen City Club was first created by the men who built this city; Longworth, Probasco, Ramsey, Sinton, Anderson, Taft, and Shillito. It was considered, “the first business professional men’s club of a modern sort, with its own quarters”. They met on November 12, 1874 and put together the first officers of the Queen City Club. Mr. Joseph Longworth was the most active founder and therefore was designated as the first president of the Queen City Club. While deciding the officers of the Queen City Club, the men determined a requirement of membership for the club would be to purchase a share of stock for $250. At the very beginning the club occupied the “gentleman’s parlor” of the Grand Hotel for the first two years.

In 1876, the club then moved and came underway in a newly built building on Seventh and Elm Street. After many years on Seventh and Elm it was time to move. On June 28, 1927, the Queen City Club moved to Fourth and Broadway where it is still located today.